Why Is It Common For All Clothing to be Made in Asia?

Cheap Manpower

In recent years, apparels have been manufactured in Asian countries due to the inexpensive labor. Clothing companies in the west opt to established their factories and warehouses in Asia because of the huge value of their money in the orient. They can save ample money while maintaining the quality of their products, which are sold worldwide.

Enormous Quantity of Workforce

Unemployment rate is very high in Asian countries. To utilize this to their advantage, big companies worldwide instigate their businesses in Asia just to impede the ballooning of joblessness. Moreover, the high demand of work allows entrepreneurs to allocate lesser salaries to their employees because of the supply-demand scheme. For instance, the Cambodia labor is willing to work in any job just to profit.

Abundance of Raw Materials

Asian countries, ever since, have been sources of raw materials for garments from silk to satin. More so, threads, cotton, and dyes are all available in this continent that no entrepreneur shall encounter problems in the procurement of necessary items for the tailor of dresses, gowns, tuxedos, trousers, and skirts.

Affordable Fabrics

In relation to the high supply of raw materials, company owners can afford their expenses on fabrics because at low-cost prices. Truly, establishing industrial units in Asia for the manufacture of clothing allows any industrialist to spend less and profit more. They can purchase basic items and sell them at western countries at expensive prices. This is a way companies benefit well.

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