Underwear’s: the most essential part of clothing

Undergarments and style are a complete entity .Where comfort and fit are essential features of all inner garbs, moisture absorption and heat retention are other essential factors of an ideal wear.

Womens underwear have a gigantic market and their role is so predefined that lot of research goes into construction of the same. For a well fitted bra the cup size and chest size are of important consideration whereas panties construction too requires precise measurement standards for a well fitted outcome. Panties in themselves have numerous patterns sufficing to varied requirements and desires. High waist panties, briefs, bikinis, tie ups, thongs and few more patterns are there to choose for. There are specially designed panties for pregnant women too.

Where male inner garb is concerned the most promising and successful innovation in the arena ismens brief. The popularity is attributed to their comfortable form fit owing to their small size. Technically too briefs have the advantage as they restrict genital movement. Athletes and people involved in labor-intensive vocation prefer these over others. Plentiful variations like low waist, medium waist, pouch brief, fly front and other cuts are there to choose from. Range of colors and fabric further popularize this innerwear.

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