The Best Rave Costumes For Festive Occasions

//The Best Rave Costumes For Festive Occasions

The Best Rave Costumes For Festive Occasions

Rave costumes tend to get generic after a while, especially if you’ve been to a lot of rave parties. Sometimes, it feels like costumes all look the same and you feel the need to look for new styles in order to stand out.

Well, if you want unique-looking costumes, let me give you some ideas from my experience attending raves.

Go For Holiday Styles

Girls usually have a hard time looking for great rave outfits. We usually end up scouring every mall and rave website in the search for the perfect dress. Even then, the choices are the same: outrageously racy outfits that some of us just don’t have the heart to wear.

That’s why instead of opting for standard rave girl costumes, I choose to improvise my own designs. I found that rave Halloween costumes never go out of season. I could go dressed as a wicked witch or as a ghost, even as a pumpkin if I wanted to amuse my friends.

Rave Everywhere

Rave parties are typically celebrated in different locations. Sometimes, it’s associated to famous “wild” cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. However, we all know that local neighborhoods host rave parties regularly, and the quality of the party usually depends on the size of the crowd.

As a general rule, larger parties in cities like NYC have wilder crowds and call for more outrageous outfits. Local parties usually have less outrageous crowds. So be sure to be guided accordingly when choosing your rave clothes.

Guys Have It Easy

Another general observation I’ve had is that rave costumes for guys are easier to find and make than girls’. I’ve attended some parties in Orange County as well as in San Diego, and I’ve found similarities in the way guys choose to dress up for raves. They usually wear skinny tops and jeans with lots of black.

I don’t know if it’s just that girls tend to be more conscious of their appearance than guys, but it’s a fact that guys don’t need to think a lot about their clothes when attending a rave party. Some guys come to parties in their daily clothes, without really making an effort, unlike the girls.

That’s why you won’t really find much specialty stores selling rave costumes for men. Typically any style, from grunge to rock star to hip-hop, can pass as rave attire for guys everywhere.

Safety Precautions

Whether you’re attending a neighborhood party or a large rave party in Chicago or someplace else, you should know the basics. Raves can get pretty wild and there’ll be a lot of drinking and dancing.

Also, party drugs are commonly used at raves, and sometimes given to unwitting persons, particularly girls. So, a word of caution: make sure you attend the rave with at least a friend or two in tow, and make sure you stick together.

Remember to hold your liquor, and don’t accept drinks from strangers, no matter how attractive they are. Stay safe and have fun, and you’re sure to make the most of your rave experience.

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