The Best Of Brown Corduroy Pants

Corduroy clothing like corduroy pant and corduroy skirt is the selection for cottage style outfit. However the modern fashion trend is incorporated corduroy to many kinds of clothing items like shirt dress australia, cropped pants, blouses etc. Corduroy pant like brown corduroy pant is considered one of the most popular corduroy clothing items which you can found everywhere. The pant is popular as it is easy to match with other outfit like shirts and blouses.

Brown corduroy pant is popular compares to black or white corduroy pant. The reason is relates to the rustier cottage cowboy style where brown jeans, coats and hats are the outfit. Therefore the influence of brown cowboy outfits is still strong to modern fashion world whereby the brown corduroy pants are the best piece to represent this. Since the pant is taking major place in modern fashion, take a look at below three special types of brown corduroy pants which best suits cottage styling.

Olian Brown Corduroy Boot Leg Pants

These brown corduroy pants for sure will add great splashing of colors and comfort to your wardrobe. The special part about this pant is it is attaches with 5 pockets. Moreover the cool boot-leg silhouette is offering the relaxing yet tailoring appearance for ladies. The pant is constructed of 98% of cotton as well as 2% of spandex, with 32 inches inseam. These dark brown corduroy pants are enhanced with wide waist-band as well as double button closure. This is to ensure secure and comfy fit indeed. Moreover the stretchable fabric is enabling for any figure, for changing especially. Therefore this pant is best made for maternity ladies. The best part of this pant is it is available for machine wash, cold washing indeed.

1980′s Mens Corduroy Jeans Pants

These mens brown corduroy pants are styled 1980. The pant is made of medium brown polyester fabric and for sure is the source of comfort whenever you are wearing it. It is a type of cozy cotton corduroy jean-cut pant indeed. The pant is topped with typical forms of 4 pocket cuts. Other than that it is strengthening by button and zip closure. The pant is developed with straight leg.

5 Pocket Rockin’ Rooster Infant Brown Corduroy Pants

This special pant is surrounded by cords fully. It is enriched with nice and stunning pockets, in the total of 5. Moreover the pant is embellished with button fly and come with interior adjustable waist-band. Furthermore there was some red ‘love’ embroidery at the front waist-band. Likewise there are also some heart shapes prints on back pocket, in tonal brown stitches. The pant looks amazingly with tweed blazer. The pant is developed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

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