Something You Should Never Do With Heated Insoles

If you are going on a camping trip up into cold mountains, shoveling the snow out of your driveway, or going to work outdoors on a cold day, you should seriously consider getting some heated insoles.

Heated insoles are a great way to regulate your body temperature, giving you the extra boost of heat your body so desperately needs on a chilly day. Most of the heat your body escapes from your head and your feet. When your feet are cold, the rest of your body will instantly feel the loss of heat.

However, when your feet are warm and toasty, that is when you will feel the most comfortable and warm. Heated insoles are a great addition to your footwear if you live in cold climates, or in places that have cold winters.

Something you should never do with heated insoles is wear them in the water if you know your shoes are not water proof. Heated insoles are great for camping and fishing, because when you are out in the wild, you are exposed to the elements.

However, if you are wearing your camping shoes without waders, and you decide to walk into a puddle or wade through a small stream, you risk destroying your source of heat and warmth. Getting your heating soles wet is a big no, no. Water will seep into the heating mechanism, destroying it in less than a minute, if you let it.

Washing is also something you should never do with most heated insoles like the HeatSole heated insoles. While you can clean them with a damp cloth, you should never put these soles in a washing machine. Bending the soles can also destroy the mechanism inside. To make sure that you will have good working insoles to use on your next cold day, it is important to take good care of them today.

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