Rave Wear That’s Just For You: A Guide For A Unique Rave Experience

Oftentimes, looking for a good rave wear can be frustrating instead of fun. It’s particularly true when all your friends seem to have found divine outfits and you feel left out and pressured to find something similar.

On the other hand, why worry when there are a lot of options from which to choose? Stop panicking and instead make use of your ever-faithful friend, the internet, to find perfect ideas for your rave costume.

Scavenger Hunt

Don’t think of your search as an arduous task. Rather, consider it as a fun challenge, minus the pressure and worries. That way, you’re likely to find more choices and make comparisons with what you see, rather than criticizing everything you discover.

Some sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are good places to start the search. These websites are like pin-up boards where different people can place their pictures. I’ve seen great rave ideas for girls based on posts here.

If you’re looking for rave wear ideas for men, I think you’d find some good suggestions from these sites. They also offer links to some online rave clothing stores where you can buy cheap but quality rave stuff and accessories.

Don’t Sweat It

If you’re a little too concerned with your build, I’m telling you right now to stop it. A rave party is a mix of different people from different cultures. Rave parties are about acceptance by people with similar tastes in music. They are not about fitting in with the “in crowd.”

In fact, you can find several costumes for bigger girls, further proof that rave parties are for everyone. So what if you’re a few sizes bigger than everyone else? You can still be unique at a rave instead of becoming a laughing stock.

Some Guidelines

Remember: you are what you wear. Regardless of the style you choose for your rave outfit, always put your comfort ahead of everything else. Avoid wearing something that would make you feel awkward, and avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose.

A word of advice for girls: high heels are fine only if you could handle wearing them all night. Go for comfortable shoes if high heels aren’t your daily style. Believe me, I’ve tried once, and I was limping by the end of the night.

Lastly, layered outfits are a great idea because you can easily discard some pieces if it gets too hot. Accessorize if you must, but always consider the size of the party. Local neighborhood raves usually call for tamer and less outrageous outfits compared to larger ones.

It’s All About The Attitude

Stop worrying about choosing the perfect clothes for raving. Rave parties are all about enjoying the night’s activities, and being too self-conscious might take all the fun out of your experience. Whether you’re preparing for the generic rave party or for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Remember, enjoying a rave is not about having the perfect costume, but about being confident and open. A winning attitude will get you more attention than the skimpiest outfit you can find!

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