Hunting For The Best Rave Clothing Store

So you’re headed for a rave and you’re looking for a good rave clothing store? Heads up, because the best outfits you are looking for just might be around the corner.

I’ve been to a couple of raves in the last few years, and I must say they’re worth the effort, if only for the fun I’ve had in searching for the most outrageous rave clothing I can find. However, outrageous doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. I usually head out on bargain sales for some cheap but great-looking finds.

Style On A Budget

When I go hunting for rave clothes, I don’t usually go for the rave clothing store in the mall, simply because boutiques usually sell their stuff at higher prices. This is particularly true if you live in a big city like NYC — you can’t expect to bargain-shop at malls unless they’re having a sale or something.

So, as for me, my first stop is to go online. It’s cheaper and much more convenient, plus you have a lot of choices compared when you go mall-hopping.

Good Finds

Before I head out to any rave clothing store website, I visit blogs and websites first to research on the current trends on rave fashion. Tumblr is particularly good since it’s like a bulletin board where people post pictures and stuff. You get some good ideas and you get to compare different styles.

Also, people post links there and recommendations on where to shop. They will usually tell you where they bought the clothes in their pictures, so you won’t be starting from scratch. There is a lot of advice here both for guys and for girls.

Chic Bargains

I usually frequent the specialized rave girl clothing store instead of generic rave stores, but that’s just a matter of preference. I find that stores for women offer a wider variety of choices and styles than unisex stores, but that could simply be a matter of opinion.

Rave clothing for men usually presents more choices than rave clothing for us girls. In fact, they can come as they are. There aren’t a lot of rules for them. Still, numerous rave clothing stores do sell clothes and accessories for the guys, and you could also find them online.

Go Unique

There are a variety of styles you could choose from in the rave clothing store. However, you’d find that most of them are racy and provocative pieces, so that could be a problem if you aren’t too confident about showing off more of your body.

Of course, one solution would be to design your own rave clothes. You could take your old clothes (or someone else’s if possible) and put a rave spin on them by adding some paint and glitter. Accessories such as rave glasses and jewelry could also transform a simple outfit into rave material.

Honestly, clothes don’t matter too much in a rave. You could go dressed like everyone else or you could make your own costume. What matters is that you actually enjoy yourself and socialize with your peers. After all, isn’t a party all about meeting people and making new friends?

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