Halloween Costume Ideas for a 10 Year Old Girl

It can be tricky picking out a Halloween costume for a 10 year old girl. They are old enough were they definitely have their own opinion, but still young enough were they need your guidance on appropriate costumes for them. Here are some great Halloween costume ideas for a 10 year old girl.

Barbie Mermaid Costume

Some 10 year old girls may think they are too mature for Barbie, but there are a lot of them that still love Barbie especially the new Barbie mermaid movie. Instead of being the most popular mermaid, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, your daughter can be Merliah from the Barbie movie. This gives her a somewhat unique costume but still one that most kids her age would recognize. Plus, if your little girl loves the color pink, she would love this costume for Halloween.

Greek Goddess Costume

A Greek goddess Halloween costume for a 10 year old girl is definitely a unique idea as most goddess costumes are for adult women. If your daughter wants something different but wants to stay with a traditional and beautiful costume, then a goddess costume would be a great choice for her. Look for costumes that are long and flowing and ones that you can accessorize with gold costume jewelry that makes her look like she is from mythical times.

Flapper Girl Costume

If you have a daughter who tries to act older than her age, then a flapper girl costume may interest her this Halloween. The thing about a flapper costume is that it can look more mature but it doesn’t have to be provocative. These costumes usually include a shorter dress that has fringe or beads. A red flapper dress with a pair of black tights and a cute headpiece is the perfect costume for a mature 10 year old girl.

Hopefully these Halloween costumes give you some help when it comes to dealing with your daughter’s costume choices. Give her these ideas and see what she thinks of them and you may be surprised at just how easy you can agree on a costume together.

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