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Voi Jeans..

The demand of funky and flair jeans to meet the latest fashion requirements is skyrocketing everyday. Keeping behind the conventional denim blue jeans designers have moved far away with their creative and innovative design as well as style in accentuating men’s most adorable casual attire, jeans. Being a very popular brand name in British fashion world, Voi Jeans has introduced many outstanding as well as stunning collection of jeans in their wardrobe. If you’re really a fashion and style conscious man with the up to date knowledge of today’s trend as well as ongoing demand, then you must embrace Voi Jeans.

Voi commenced on its journey towards fashion world with unparallel stone wash effects and revolutionary cutting edge in their collection of jeans. But without confining their skills only into cutting and wash concept they have introduced vast diversity in design as well as style of men’s jeans.

Among the countless variations in styles and designs of Voi Jeans it may happen that you’ll be lost and confused which one to try. Every single jean of Voi has an authentic look and feel. Wearing Voi jeans you can highly create a signature dressing style among your friends and colleagues. While same denim blue or faded jeans have become pretty common in men’s casual attire, Voi has revitalized its patent look with the introduction of dark denim and wash colors in its jeans section. Especially with its ravishing swirl ‘V’ logo it draw everyone’s attraction.

While one style of Voi Jeans has large patch detailing on both knees at front and a leather made biker waist patch at the rear side, another style comes in 5 pockets as well as additional thigh pockets with ravishing buttons and tab details. In one style you’ll find stunning lower rear and front pockets along with attractive embellishment on thighs. Strikingly, in another style you’ll notice amazing Voi branding on left thigh along with 6 pockets and stunning button embellishment.
Voi Jeans offer almost all types of fitting like regular fit, slim fit, loose fit etc. It has revolutionized cutting pattern of men’s jeans and there are straight cut, classic cut, customized cut, boot cut as well as tight cut in their wardrobe. You can try any cut and fitting according to your physique. Even you can go beyond the fitting and cutting you always try to explore new styles and designs keeping the same pace with the latest trend. It is ultimate choice for young generation men due its sleek design and style.

Are you thinking you won’t afford all these unique features of Voi Jeans with your minimum budget? Then you’re absolutely incorrect as Voi has tagged its price range keeping in mind everyone’s pocket. You can get these fabulous, out of box and fresh jeans item for your ravishing casual look in every famous store in your locality as well as online. Duffer Menswear is one of such renowned online store though it has its own outlet in England where you’ll get Voi Jeans at very reasonable price. Besides that you’ll get ultimate customer support at free of cost.

Mens voi jeans are highly fashionable and we have a great selection of them in our online shop. Click on the “online shop” link in the menu to see our full collection here at duffer menswear.

Voi Hoodies..

Are you getting bored by trying again and again same kind of contemporary hoody with your denim jeans? Do you want to let your wardrobe feel fresh air by adding some out dated collection? Are you dreaming to heighten up your overall impression and image in front of your friends especially girls while hanging out on weekend? All of your questions can be certainly answered by voi hoodies. Voi hoodies are excellent dress materials with utmost uniqueness, simplicity and creative style. These hoodies are comfortable as well as stylish enough to meet young generation’s needs

Not only youngsters and macho men but also men in their middle age can try these decent and sober voi hoodies with jeans or slacks. These hoodies are made up of either 100% cotton or in a combination of 50% cotton as well as 50% polyester but can be worn in all weather except too hot and humid weather in summer. Its machine washable feature makes it more popular among men especially among bachelors.

Voi Jeans has introduced many unique styles and designs in its hoody collection. In one style it introduced front open, buttoned hoody with full sleeves, elasticized waist as well as cuffs. Conversely, in another style it introduced stylish and authentic 3 buttoned Y-neck along with elasticized rib on cuffs, hem and neck. While in one of its hoody collection you’ll find Voi Jeans motif on left hand chest and Voi Jeans branding to its hood as well as buttons; in its another collection you’ll notice unparallel Voi Jeans towelling motif on left hand chest and Voi Jeans branding inside the hood. In one style there is normally designed hood with drawstring while in another style there is fleece lining in the hood and rim with contrast colour surrounding the hood ties as well as both side pockets. These Voi Jeans Hoodies are available in grey, black, white and charcoal.

If you are looking for some apparels those are classy as well as contemporary in design and style then you must try hoi hoodies. It makes a man look smart and dashing enough to be distinguished easily among the huge crowd. Especially a man with good physique gets an intensified appearance in front of the others by wearing a hoody from Voi Jeans. You can wear these hoodies on every casual occasion like friend’s or relatives’ birthday party, casual Friday in your work area, while traveling with friends or family, when jogging in the morning or even while going to any live open theatre concert at late night. Just team up these hoodies with your favorite jeans or cargos or chinos or track while jogging or running.

You’ll get voi hoodies in the voi jeans own outlet or in any renowned garment shop in your locality. If you want to purchase it online because of your inability to visit the store physically, then there are innumerable websites that merchandise Voi Jeans dress materials at very affordable price. Duffer Menswear is one of such online stores from where you can purchase your desired hoodies from the voi jeans collection. You’ll get excellent customer support here besides reliable payment procedures and shipping management.

Sweet And Sexy, Innocent And Spicy: Rave Outfits For Girls

Rave outfits for girls are known for their variety and style. These attractive outfits range from cute to sexy – there’s an outfit for any girl! For girls who like to party, a must-have item is a rave-outfit.

Many Girls Are Likeable, But All Stylish Girls Are Lovable

During parties, girls love to wear clothes that define their personality. That’s what rave outfits are all about! Their expressive designs are cut and trimmed to form an endless selection. Every piece of outfit has an artistic value. No matter what a girl’s preference is, she can find an outfit that matches her style!

As a lover of cute and fancy outfits, my personal favorites are ribbon tie shorts and leg wraps. I just love the way they reveal my artistic and creative attitude! These are the best examples of cute rave outfits for girls.

Both Hot And Cool

In cooler days like winter, things are gray and dry. But for stylish girls, there’s always color and brightness! From subtle and simple designs, to loud and colorful style, rave outfits have got them all.

My favorite clothes for winter are rave leggings. These are cheap rave outfits for girls that stay durable and comfy during the cooler days. They also have creative beautiful designs: Water Drops Leggings with real pretty spring flowers, and Stars and Stripes Leggings. They are two of my party favorites!

Whether I’m at home or at rave parties, these leggings give me pure style and girl power. They boost my mood and make me feel prettier.

Hotter Parties

For summer outdoor-partying, lacy tops are the best outfit. Rave outfits for girls UK never run out of items to make dancing comfortable!

Like tube tops, summer parties are not complete without a pair of glossy pant shorts. These shine brightly and beautifully with the lights on. For disco dances and parties with lots of led lights, these pant shorts gleam their way in the dance floor.

Any girl who wears these pant shorts will make their legs sexier, too. These pant shorts are so comfortable and pretty you can wear them anytime, anywhere. You will surely get noticed!

Cute Meets Sexy

Among younger partygoers, the mix between cute and sexy is very popular. Modern girls nowadays like to keep that sweet and innocent face, but also sexy bodies. Rave outfits for girls ideas include that cute and sexy kind of clothing.

First on my list of these outfits are swirl skirts that have high-cut pleats. They are just so adorable on any girl, they give the impression of charming and sweet. There are also metallic skirts and vinyl skirts that compliment all kinds of legs.

Another of my favorites are suspender tutus – literally cute and very sexy! They make my bums all jumpy and bouncy whenever I hit the dance floor. Every beautiful girl in the world can wear some tutu and be lovable!

Rave On, Girls!

Girls outfits bring out the best in any party girl. With affordable prices, you can have an entire selection of lovely and charming outfits. Be the best rave girl that you can be and browse through selections now!

Rave Wear That’s Just For You: A Guide For A Unique Rave Experience

Oftentimes, looking for a good rave wear can be frustrating instead of fun. It’s particularly true when all your friends seem to have found divine outfits and you feel left out and pressured to find something similar.

On the other hand, why worry when there are a lot of options from which to choose? Stop panicking and instead make use of your ever-faithful friend, the internet, to find perfect ideas for your rave costume.

Scavenger Hunt

Don’t think of your search as an arduous task. Rather, consider it as a fun challenge, minus the pressure and worries. That way, you’re likely to find more choices and make comparisons with what you see, rather than criticizing everything you discover.

Some sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are good places to start the search. These websites are like pin-up boards where different people can place their pictures. I’ve seen great rave ideas for girls based on posts here.

If you’re looking for rave wear ideas for men, I think you’d find some good suggestions from these sites. They also offer links to some online rave clothing stores where you can buy cheap but quality rave stuff and accessories.

Don’t Sweat It

If you’re a little too concerned with your build, I’m telling you right now to stop it. A rave party is a mix of different people from different cultures. Rave parties are about acceptance by people with similar tastes in music. They are not about fitting in with the “in crowd.”

In fact, you can find several costumes for bigger girls, further proof that rave parties are for everyone. So what if you’re a few sizes bigger than everyone else? You can still be unique at a rave instead of becoming a laughing stock.

Some Guidelines

Remember: you are what you wear. Regardless of the style you choose for your rave outfit, always put your comfort ahead of everything else. Avoid wearing something that would make you feel awkward, and avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose.

A word of advice for girls: high heels are fine only if you could handle wearing them all night. Go for comfortable shoes if high heels aren’t your daily style. Believe me, I’ve tried once, and I was limping by the end of the night.

Lastly, layered outfits are a great idea because you can easily discard some pieces if it gets too hot. Accessorize if you must, but always consider the size of the party. Local neighborhood raves usually call for tamer and less outrageous outfits compared to larger ones.

It’s All About The Attitude

Stop worrying about choosing the perfect clothes for raving. Rave parties are all about enjoying the night’s activities, and being too self-conscious might take all the fun out of your experience. Whether you’re preparing for the generic rave party or for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Remember, enjoying a rave is not about having the perfect costume, but about being confident and open. A winning attitude will get you more attention than the skimpiest outfit you can find!

Rave Outfits: The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Choosing The Perfect Rave Attire

Going to a rave party is an amazing experience, and it’s always fun to check out the crazy rave outfits your friends will be wearing! I enjoy going to raves not only for the dance and party factor. I always keep an eye out for costumes that stand out and scream, “Look at me!”

If you’ve never been to a rave before, I’m sure you’re pretty nervous about what you should wear, but never fear. You’ll have plenty of help, thanks to the internet!

What To Expect At Raves

You have a right to be nervous if you’re not the confident type since rave parties are all-nighters with lots of activity. There will definitely be dancing so aside from wearing cute rave outfits, you might want to practice some sleek moves for the dance floor.

There will also be alcohol so if you can’t hold your liquor too well, I advise you to watch what you’re drinking or stick to the tame stuff. People often do crazy stuff at raves, and it could get pretty wild. Hopefully, there won’t be anything illegal, but don’t be shocked if someone brought out some party drugs.

However, stop worrying too much about “fitting in” in a rave crowd. These parties are all about fun and acceptance. You’d rarely encounter bullying and other forms of violence on ravers.

Next Stop: The Get-Up

Dressing for a rave is particularly difficult for girls. Rave outfits for girls seem to have a standard of being on the wild and skimpy side, and therefore might make some of us uncomfortable. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself for being different, but if too-short shorts and tight blouses aren’t your thing, then being different is perhaps the best.

Here’s a hot tip: never, ever sacrifice your comfort for trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd. You’ll never be able to enjoy the party if your clothes and your personality don’t mix!

Be Different!

Instead of going for the standard rave wear outfits, why not try something new? Don’t be afraid to design your own rave clothes. Some textile paint and glitter might do the job for a unique design. Add some flashy accessories to the mix (You can buy them online.) and you’re ready to go!

If you want to stand out, wear something crazy and out-of-this-world. Why not dress as a wicked witch or a space robot perhaps? These are all fun and crazy costumes, and they’re not too difficult to make.

Other Considerations

One last piece of advice for girls: high-heeled shoes don’t match with rave outfits for women. They might look sexy and awesome, but your feet won’t think so after a whole torturous night of wearing them.

Once you have the perfect costume, you should attend to some proper hygiene. Since you’re going to be stuck in a room full of sweaty bodies for hours, you might want to freshen up a bit, particularly if you’ve just gotten off from work. Some deodorant won’t hurt either. Surely you don’t want to attend a rave smelling like stale fries.

Rave Boots: Great Party Ideas

The Latest Leg Fashion

Rave boots will make your party outfit more fabulous and stylish. Why wear old, boring boots when you can have stunning furry rave boots? They are especially designed to keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time. That’s why these adorable boots are becoming the latest fashion trend!

When dressing for an all night-party, these boots will look great on the dance floor. The soft fur will follow every beat and jive! Dancing has never been so great with these pair of boots. They will liberate your party spirit on the dance floor.

Coming in various colors and styles, any pair will surely compliment your dress or pants. Every imaginable color and pattern is designed to suit the creativity of partygoers. For mix-and-match outfits, these boots will enhance your creativity and style.

Fluff And Fur

The most popular ones are the fluffy rave boots. There are many other kinds of party shoes, but this piece of fluff have a special appeal. I am enticed myself! Whenever I go to the dance floor or enter a party with these boots, eyes follow me and enjoy the sight of my wonderful outfit. They are incredible!

The smooth faux fur is nice to the touch and comes in many colors. It also shines against the light, making them smooth to the eyes. Made from quality synthetic fur, every cent is worth it. I can have a whole collection of fluffy boots in my closet!

By Girls, For Girls

Clothing for girls have to be stylish and comfortable. Being a girl, I like clothes that represent who I am. They also have to fit my taste. Fuzzy rave boots are the most stylish and unique clothing that have been made for girls! It says everything about being a girl.

The different colors and patterns are fabulous. Furry boots are charming, soft, and bouncy, just like a girl! Whenever I see girls like me who wear these boots, I can tell that they are having a good time.

Great Boots, Good Time

At rave parties, the music and the dance floor make the night energetic. These are also matched by the outfit of the people. What makes the experience cooler is seeing cool people with cool outfits!

Rave boots make the scene more colorful and cool. Gathering together with friends and wearing these boots to a party will give you the same party spirit. Have a wild night of fun with colorful outfits and unique styles!

Durable For All Parties

Unlike other kinds of boots, fluffy rave boots are tough and durable. They still look soft and shiny even after a hard night of partying. Other kinds of boots wear and tear over time, but my furry boots stay good as new. They are the most efficient pair of boots that I’ve ever had!

The best thing about rave furry boots is the uniqueness in style. There are so many designs and varieties to choose from, they are easy to mix and match. If you want comfort and style for a long night of partying, have one of these boots now!

Rave Accessories: Flaunt Your Attitude

Identify Your Style

Rave accessories will bring you closer to your party-loving self. The wide range of creative and unique designs will reveal the stylish person in you. Flaunt your individuality with these accessories!

When going to parties, make sure you have the right choice and blend of accessories! A simple studded belt or necklace will catch the attention of the crowd. Be at your best when this moment happens!

For partygoers and stylish people of all ages, artistic accessories are available at any rave accessories store. These shops will never run out of affordable and quality accessories to offer you!

Accessorize, Design

No party outfit is complete without any rave clothing accessories. These lovely pieces of art work will enhance your style. From wings to handcuffs, there is an accessory made to enhance your party-loving look!

Great outfits and clothing will look cooler and unique, when mixed with the right accessory. A simple pair of pants can look extraordinary with a rave studded belt! Looking for a way to compliment your hair? There are various kinds of headdresses that you will surely love!

For girls with sassy attitude, slashed dresses are at the top of the list. These wonderful and fashionable clothing accessories will make them more bold and daring. For men who like to be groovy, there’s a wide selection of bandanas and hats to choose from.

Cool Experiences From Innovative Accessories

Amplify your party experience by wearing especially-designed rave party accessories. By trying on a pair of 3d glasses, you can enhance your party senses and make them better than reality. Have a completely new and exciting night with these creative glasses!

Unlike ordinary specs, you’re not just looking through plain glass. Rave glasses have a prism effect that will bring the party right into your vision. Lights become wonderful streaks of colors when you put these glasses on. Get the rave experience now!

Comfort And Design, Anywhere, Anytime

Rave clothes and accessories are must-have party items, but they can also be worn during ordinary days. I myself wear an accessory everyday! For me, they are essential to fashion. My outfit doesn’t feel complete without one.

They are comfortable and easy to wear, making them good for day-by-day style. While most accessories can get irritating after a long time, my favorite accessories are still nice and good to wear. They do not tarnish, either!

A wide range of styles and designs makes my accessories good for any occasion. No matter where and when, I can wear my favorite design. It only shows that good style can be worn at any occasion, in and out of the party floor.

My favorite outfit accessories include a studded belt and a checkered fedora. I can wear them to many events and still look appropriate, and stylish. What’ the best about these accessories is they define my style and flaunt it easily.

Style For All

Rave clothes and accessories are for the young and free. It is for the creative, young-spirited, and those with an eye for design. Rave on with these party accessories, and be alive with uniqueness and pure style.

Hunting For The Best Rave Clothing Store

So you’re headed for a rave and you’re looking for a good rave clothing store? Heads up, because the best outfits you are looking for just might be around the corner.

I’ve been to a couple of raves in the last few years, and I must say they’re worth the effort, if only for the fun I’ve had in searching for the most outrageous rave clothing I can find. However, outrageous doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. I usually head out on bargain sales for some cheap but great-looking finds.

Style On A Budget

When I go hunting for rave clothes, I don’t usually go for the rave clothing store in the mall, simply because boutiques usually sell their stuff at higher prices. This is particularly true if you live in a big city like NYC — you can’t expect to bargain-shop at malls unless they’re having a sale or something.

So, as for me, my first stop is to go online. It’s cheaper and much more convenient, plus you have a lot of choices compared when you go mall-hopping.

Good Finds

Before I head out to any rave clothing store website, I visit blogs and websites first to research on the current trends on rave fashion. Tumblr is particularly good since it’s like a bulletin board where people post pictures and stuff. You get some good ideas and you get to compare different styles.

Also, people post links there and recommendations on where to shop. They will usually tell you where they bought the clothes in their pictures, so you won’t be starting from scratch. There is a lot of advice here both for guys and for girls.

Chic Bargains

I usually frequent the specialized rave girl clothing store instead of generic rave stores, but that’s just a matter of preference. I find that stores for women offer a wider variety of choices and styles than unisex stores, but that could simply be a matter of opinion.

Rave clothing for men usually presents more choices than rave clothing for us girls. In fact, they can come as they are. There aren’t a lot of rules for them. Still, numerous rave clothing stores do sell clothes and accessories for the guys, and you could also find them online.

Go Unique

There are a variety of styles you could choose from in the rave clothing store. However, you’d find that most of them are racy and provocative pieces, so that could be a problem if you aren’t too confident about showing off more of your body.

Of course, one solution would be to design your own rave clothes. You could take your old clothes (or someone else’s if possible) and put a rave spin on them by adding some paint and glitter. Accessories such as rave glasses and jewelry could also transform a simple outfit into rave material.

Honestly, clothes don’t matter too much in a rave. You could go dressed like everyone else or you could make your own costume. What matters is that you actually enjoy yourself and socialize with your peers. After all, isn’t a party all about meeting people and making new friends?

Designer Clothing for Men

After years of conventional patterns, styles and trends in men’s designer clothing, a revolution of some sort came into full circle and with it, a new focus on updating the designer clothing for men all over the world. With designers such as Ralph Lauren, Henri Lloyd and more recently, Pretty Green, there’s now reason to celebrate with each season’s new arrivals.

Even the predictable jeans have seen new styles, dyes, cuts and fits. Men now can select a more flared leg, a deeper blue or a relaxed fit; further, the stronger sex now has as many designers to select from as women have always enjoyed. Men’s jumpers are easily located with V necks or crew necks, solids or patterned fabrics and any number of options one could dream up.
Some particular styles of clothing that are predicted to be popular in 2011 are:
• Designer jeans with dropped crotches by Humor
• Fitted men’s designer t-shirts by Religion
• Leather jackets – big with Armani this season
• Combat boots
• Chunky knitwear

But it’s more than that. It’s more than more designers, options and shades of blues; it’s about acknowledging, once and for all, that men take their appearances and styles as seriously as their female counterparts. No longer is anything assumed, now, men define their own looks and they don’t take too kindly to others determining what that look is. Whether it’s a great pair of chinos for the weekend or an Italian handmade suit that’s appropriate in the most elegant settings, husbands, brothers and sons are now shouldering the decisions about thread colors and they’re running with what makes them feel better about themselves. Tired of feeling left out of the decision making process, the new trend is to leave the missus at home while the newly inspired male takes to coordinating his own socks and ties. And guess what? He’s doing it as well, and dare we say even better, than many women could have done.

The change that we are feeling in the fashion world is nothing more than fashion-conscious men taking their places front and center in the menswear sections of the clothing shops.

Why Is It Common For All Clothing to be Made in Asia?

Cheap Manpower

In recent years, apparels have been manufactured in Asian countries due to the inexpensive labor. Clothing companies in the west opt to established their factories and warehouses in Asia because of the huge value of their money in the orient. They can save ample money while maintaining the quality of their products, which are sold worldwide.

Enormous Quantity of Workforce

Unemployment rate is very high in Asian countries. To utilize this to their advantage, big companies worldwide instigate their businesses in Asia just to impede the ballooning of joblessness. Moreover, the high demand of work allows entrepreneurs to allocate lesser salaries to their employees because of the supply-demand scheme. For instance, the Cambodia labor is willing to work in any job just to profit.

Abundance of Raw Materials

Asian countries, ever since, have been sources of raw materials for garments from silk to satin. More so, threads, cotton, and dyes are all available in this continent that no entrepreneur shall encounter problems in the procurement of necessary items for the tailor of dresses, gowns, tuxedos, trousers, and skirts.

Affordable Fabrics

In relation to the high supply of raw materials, company owners can afford their expenses on fabrics because at low-cost prices. Truly, establishing industrial units in Asia for the manufacture of clothing allows any industrialist to spend less and profit more. They can purchase basic items and sell them at western countries at expensive prices. This is a way companies benefit well.