A Style Through A Decade of Plaid Trousers

Be hip with plaid trouser. It is considered pants of the decade. Plaid trousers are one of the cutting-edge of fashion nowadays. Men and women love to wear them not only for the comfort they provide, yet they imposed a trendy and stylish look. Trousers are kinds of clothing that covers from waist to ankles. The word trousers are not only being used in UK but also in Canada, Australia, South Africa and US. On the other hand, plaid is a kind of tartan fabric, with criss-crossed of horizontal pattern with multiple colors. Wool is often the most in demand fabric for plaid trouser for its durability and resistance.

Plaid trousers are one of the most popular trends in 1970’s and its popularity came back and still soaring. They also referred to as bondage pants, and are available in a number of styles and colors that suited for everybody’s taste. Whether you prefer long tight, baggy or Capri-style pants that really compliment your wardrobe. They were originally designed for men but later on women embrace their style.

Men’s plaid trousers come in numerous colors that are appropriate for every man’s personality. This type of garment offers versatility that can be worn in travel, play or work. A zip fly and hook tab closure can be worn without a belt. Dark gray plaid trousers give you an option to pair it with brown or black shirt for more conservative look that can be worn in day and evening affairs.

Whereas red plaid trousers are loved by both men and women. Skinny trousers for women that creates a gorgeous and stunning aura when pair with any plain colored shirt. Many celebrities like Gwen Stefani are wearing them with her blank tank top, gray jacket and blue purse bag that looks really a punk rock star. Chick and punk side of Kate Moss comes out when she wears plaid trousers in red with dark, top, black blazers and black boots.

With its criss-crossed pattern plaid trousers can be worn by both men and women with various body types. Glen plaid trousers with its small and large checks designs can be worn as fashion neutrals due to its subtle design; one of its common colors is gray. If you are chubby, go for the dark colors, they help you look slimmer and leaner. If you are petite stick to small or medium plaid size, leave oversized plaid to tall women and men. For those who have slender body and wants to emphasize and enhance their figures, stick with diagonal plaid patterns.

Plaid trousers for men and women are available in all garments stores and fashion boutiques. They are also available via online with different sizes, colors and classes that suited to everybody’s taste and style.

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