A Popular Brand For Adventure Clothing

Regatta, a clothing line of UK has been established in the year 1981. It was founded by a colored family, since its establishment is has gained name and fame in the apparel industry. The manufacturing and supply has increased with the demand for the same over the years. They manufacture a wide range of products from men, women and children. The range includes rucksacks, waterproofs, fleeces, footwear and other useful accessories for outdoor sport and activity. However, their prime product is jacket.
Regatta Jackets are available in different style, patterns, fabrics and colors. They are now promoting the men’s range especially jackets of which they have a huge range. The most popular colors of jackets are blue, red and black. They use different kinds of fleece fabrics to make casual jackets, Symmetry fleece is one of the varieties. Other varieties include marl effect Sherpa backed fleece, micro fleece, polyester interest fleece, marled needle out fleece, etc.
All the types of fleeces that are used for making the jackets give different looks; however, the main purpose of all of them is the same, which is to give desired comfort and warmth from inside. Regatta also manufactures other types of jackets, which include the waterproof one. The fabrics that are used to make the clothes to protect them from rain are hydra fort and other similar fabrics. These fabrics keep the body dry during heavy rainfall and the fabrics are firm enough to remain unaffected and do not wear and tear during rain. The fabric hydra fort is also windproof along with waterproof.
It is applicable for isotex, in fact it is one of the most popular fabrics that is used to manufacture jackets here. The jackets have been layered with other fabrics to make them comfortable. They give warmth from inside to the wearer while being waterproof during the cold and rain in UK. Regatta Jackets are very popular among water sport lovers, mountain skiers, trekkers since they are very durable and provide stretch ability. People buy and use them because they provide value for their money as they can be used in adverse climatic condition and for years together.

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