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Designer Clothing for Men

After years of conventional patterns, styles and trends in men’s designer clothing, a revolution of some sort came into full circle and with it, a new focus on updating the designer clothing for men all over the world. With designers such as Ralph Lauren, Henri Lloyd and more recently, Pretty Green, there’s now reason to celebrate with each season’s new arrivals.

Even the predictable jeans have seen new styles, dyes, cuts and fits. Men now can select a more flared leg, a deeper blue or a relaxed fit; further, the stronger sex now has as many designers to select from as women have always enjoyed. Men’s jumpers are easily located with V necks or crew necks, solids or patterned fabrics and any number of options one could dream up.
Some particular styles of clothing that are predicted to be popular in 2011 are:
• Designer jeans with dropped crotches by Humor
• Fitted men’s designer t-shirts by Religion
• Leather jackets – big with Armani this season
• Combat boots
• Chunky knitwear

But it’s more than that. It’s more than more designers, options and shades of blues; it’s about acknowledging, once and for all, that men take their appearances and styles as seriously as their female counterparts. No longer is anything assumed, now, men define their own looks and they don’t take too kindly to others determining what that look is. Whether it’s a great pair of chinos for the weekend or an Italian handmade suit that’s appropriate in the most elegant settings, husbands, brothers and sons are now shouldering the decisions about thread colors and they’re running with what makes them feel better about themselves. Tired of feeling left out of the decision making process, the new trend is to leave the missus at home while the newly inspired male takes to coordinating his own socks and ties. And guess what? He’s doing it as well, and dare we say even better, than many women could have done.

The change that we are feeling in the fashion world is nothing more than fashion-conscious men taking their places front and center in the menswear sections of the clothing shops.

Why Is It Common For All Clothing to be Made in Asia?

Cheap Manpower

In recent years, apparels have been manufactured in Asian countries due to the inexpensive labor. Clothing companies in the west opt to established their factories and warehouses in Asia because of the huge value of their money in the orient. They can save ample money while maintaining the quality of their products, which are sold worldwide.

Enormous Quantity of Workforce

Unemployment rate is very high in Asian countries. To utilize this to their advantage, big companies worldwide instigate their businesses in Asia just to impede the ballooning of joblessness. Moreover, the high demand of work allows entrepreneurs to allocate lesser salaries to their employees because of the supply-demand scheme. For instance, the Cambodia labor is willing to work in any job just to profit.

Abundance of Raw Materials

Asian countries, ever since, have been sources of raw materials for garments from silk to satin. More so, threads, cotton, and dyes are all available in this continent that no entrepreneur shall encounter problems in the procurement of necessary items for the tailor of dresses, gowns, tuxedos, trousers, and skirts.

Affordable Fabrics

In relation to the high supply of raw materials, company owners can afford their expenses on fabrics because at low-cost prices. Truly, establishing industrial units in Asia for the manufacture of clothing allows any industrialist to spend less and profit more. They can purchase basic items and sell them at western countries at expensive prices. This is a way companies benefit well.

Ways to Save Spaces in a Small Bedroom when Having Plenty of Clothes

Create Drawers under the Bed Frame

Removable, sliding drawers can be placed underneath the bed frame, instead of leaving the said space barren. Surely, the quantity of clothes a person has shall not become a threat because the drawers can serve as containers for the said garments. The owner can stack folded shirts, pants, socks, and handkerchief in the said drawers.

Attach the Dressers to the Wall

Leaving no space in between is possible by fastening the dressers to the wall rather than make it linger in the middle of the bedroom. Cabinets adjacent to the wall allow enough area for other furnishings to be positioned regardless of the room’s little space. Undoubtedly, the bedroom’s small space is properly utilized in such manner.

Minimalist Decoration

Another reputable way to save space in a small bedroom is the minimalist design small spaces. Such style creates sufficient space by placing only the necessary ornaments and furniture despite the plenty of apparels. Plus, it deter over stacking of decorations making the space crowded and filthy or worst inhabitable to the owners.

Purchase the Appropriate Bed Size

In having a small bedroom, the owner must consider the size of the bed, the central furnishing of such area. If there is only one person, opt for the twin size. On the other hand, for two persons, choose the queen size. Do not overindulge oneself in purchasing the unnecessary size of the bed in order to provide more space for the clothes.

Top Fitness Clothing to Buy For Men

If you’re the type of man who works out often, you’re surely aware how important it is to wear fitness clothing while you’re doing your exercise routines. This type of clothing is intended to help athletic men stay dry and cool while working out. Here are the top fitness clothes to buy for men:

Compression clothing

These are tight spandex clothes that typically serve as an inner clothing. Wearing compression shorts and shirts have many benefits. First, they provide support and keep your muscles warm in order to avoid strains and cramps.

Jogging pants

They are available in classic cotton if you just want to lounge around your house. You can wear a polyester blend if you will go jogging or do high-impact exercise.

Fitness shirts

These shirts are not just your average cotton tees. Fitness shirts are more similar to the special sports apparel and jerseys that professional athletes wear. They are made of synthetic fibre like polyester which can help in regulating your body temperature while you exercise.


Hoodies and sweatshirts for men are best for giving warmth before and after you work out. During cold days, you can wear sweatshirts if you want to jog outside. Choose sweatshirts that contain pockets so that you may put your car keys, ID and gym passes inside while you work out.

Even if you prefer to exercise at home and just use an exercise bike to stay fit, you can still wear fitness clothes to make you feel that you are in a working out-mode. If you don’t have workout equipment at home, then there are many exercise bikes for sale that you can choose from.